These are my opinions on pretty much any subject that I think begs for my comments. You'll find my comments lean toward the conservative side (OK, so there's no left turn signal on my car)so if you are offended by conservative thought you may as well go find a tree to hug now.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Welcome to the first posting on my Blog, My Turn. Since it is My Turn, I thought I would get the "What I Believe" statement out of the way:

I believe that Native Americans needed a better immigration policy.
I believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone.
I believe that the designated hitter rule is for wimps.
I believe that our system of government is highly flawed, but it is the best system out there.
I believe that the oil companies have alternative energy plans locked up in their basements.
I believe in nuclear (New Clear) power.
I believe Japan got what it deserved.
I believe Mullets were a plot hatched by the French.
I believe Reality TV isn’t
I believe that anyone that doesn’t know how to cast a ballot doesn’t deserve to.
I believe not everyone can win. Kids need to learn to deal with defeat.
I believe that Tom Metzgar and Bill Riccio got what they deserved.
I believe Saddam Hussein had links to Al Queda even if he didn’t participate in 911.
I believe there were WMD in Iraq.
I believe that JFK and LBJ should have traded seats in the limo.
I believe in the red line.
I believe that OJ did it.
I believe that Michael did it.
I believe that Robert did it.
I believe that Rush did it.
I believe that Dennis Miller sucked on MNF.
I believe that everyone should read the Bible at least once.
I believe that everyone should read the Koran at least once.
I believe in everyone’s right to disagree with the things I believe.
If you read this, thank a teacher. If you read it in English, thank a soldier.