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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


What is up with my president and his Cracker Jack staff (full of nuts this week)? As most of you know, I support most of the actions this administration takes because it fits into my plans for world domination, but this bit of handing over major ports in the US to a corporation owned by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) [Yes that same UAE that has been linked to terrorists, including those that participated in the 9/11 hijackings] makes me pause so say, GW, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

I don’t care if it telling an Arab nation NO looks like we have a bias against Arab nations….Dude, we do! Great Britain has not attacked the US since the war of 1812; so, there is a little bit of a difference between the two. Osi Bin Harriet and his merry band of cutthroats have stated that US ports are a “target of opportunity”. Why would we want to make it even easier by allowing the company that manages the security for the ports to make it easier for something bad to come in by way of a US port? It’s bad enough that very few containers get inspected as it is now we want to open the door to the possibility that certain containers won’t be searched even on random chance.

Now I’m not saying for a certainty that it will happen. The deal with Dubai Ports World could simply be a purchase in the big world of corporate business. There could be absolutely no Arab influence in the running of US ports. But, I’m not willing to allow the chance. Look at the problems we faced after Katrina closed New Orleans. Now imagine that six fold only done with a couple of containers of high yield explosive and bio-agents. Nope, this is something that we can’t allow to happen on our watch no matter how much the Dems will love it.

Speaking of which, have you noticed how quickly Chuck Schumer played the fear card on this one? Yea, he has a point, but I find it interesting that the Dems say the Reps work off of the nation’s fear and then Chucky comes out with a word of warning when its his port (NY) that may be taken over. Choose a side of an issue Chuck!

Anyway, back to the point of all of this. It’s time to write our representation and the White House on this decision. In California we need to write to John McCain in Arizona, our Senators are worthless.

As usual, this is my opinion. If you don’t agree, you have the right. If you have a comment, you know where to put it :)


Blogger Rory's Rants said...

Well, although I initially had the same reaction of sheer horror, that this was even being considered, I've had a night to "sleep on it" and today have begun my research. See the Wall Street Journal editorial today labeled, Ports of Politics. It does give perspective. I'm not yet sold on the idea, but I'm not AS adamant in my opposition to it as I was just 24 hours ago.
"Critics also forget, or conveniently ignore, that the UAE government has been among the most helpful Arab countries in the war on terror. It was one of the first countries to join the U.S. container security initiative, which seeks to inspect cargo in foreign ports. The UAE has assisted in training security forces in Iraq, and at home it has worked hard to stem terrorist financing and WMD proliferation. UAE leaders are as much an al Qaeda target as Tony Blair." Point made...but I'm not sure that it's enough. As I said in my email, DANES weren't flying those planes on 9-11!

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