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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It’s been a while since I had time to make a post. This has been mostly due to my efforts to continue my education and the work I have been putting into it. Well, for the moment I’m done with classes. That means that I have had time to look at the world around me again and make one or two observations:

1. If you skipped going to work/school to march in the streets carrying a foreign flag in protest of laws aimed at curbing ILLEGAL immigration, you deserve to be fired and deported to France. I don’t really care if you are from there or not. I have no problems with immigrants since my parents are immigrants. Just do it legally and learn to function in English. My grandmother would have died with shame to think that the government thought she was so stupid that everything had to be printed in Italian as well as English.

2. If you are trying to become a nuclear power, it isn’t smart to threaten the Israelis in response to US or UN sanctions. They tend to take such threats seriously and respond accordingly. Remember when Iraq decided to build a nuclear reactor?

3. Why are the oil companies raising the price of the gas that has been in the ground for a week and the Saudi King can lower the price of gas in his country? Why do we have to put up with it? Oh yea, because we won’t drill for oil in our own country. We even have one Dem here in CA running for governor on an anti-Bush, anti-oil platform. Of course the Sierra Club and other eco-terrorist organizations endorse him. I hope his Birkenstocks give him a blister. Then again, I hope gas hits $8.00 a gallon. Maybe someone will get the idea that using a non-renewable fuel source and driving monster SUVs isn’t the smartest economic policy. (I only live 12 mi from work and ride a bicycle a good part of the time) (Jump to number 6 for my SUV rant)

4. Is it me or is Louis Faricon very quiet on the Duke Lacrosse rape case? The New Black Panthers are all over it. Jessie is all over it. Could it be that after siding with Mikie Tyson in his rape case that Louie is a bit gun-shy? This one really isn’t worth worrying about; it’s just an observation.

5. How is it that Timothy McVey can get the death penalty but Moussaoui gets life in prison? He will end up protected by the Nation of Islam being treated like a hero. Unless of course they can manage to put him in with a bunch of redneck pig-humping crackers. Then it’s worth not having him slowly cooked over an open Barbeque pit. Yea I know, not very Christian of me, but then again I’m not attempting to judge his immortal sole. That’s not my job.

6. SUVs are great for piling 27 of your close friends in and towing your 27 ft trailer to the beach or campground. It doesn’t make much sense for a single person to drive it down to the local 7-11 for a pack of cigarettes and a Red Bull. Sean Hannity may hate me for saying so (Forgive me Sean), but those road monsters are the number 1 terrorist funding mechanism in the entire world.

Well, that’s all I have for the moment. These are my opinions and if you have one of your own, you know what to do with it....leave a comment.



Blogger Billy_Gunn said...


Greetings from a redneck Conservative in Tennessee.

I like your way of thinking pal. I may just pull my 34' tripple slide fith wheel with my F350 super duty powerstroke 7.3 diesel dually to Cali and shake your hand!!

Of course I am being sarcastic slightly to diasgree with your SUV rant, otherwise we are 5 by 5.

I will point out that some of your suv drivers have always been able to put 2-5 bucks in and have a time of it..Boy they must be sweating now.

Don't get me started about what is going on in the middle east....And if some one threatened to destroy or wipe out me and my own and I had a big gun....(hummmm)....Handle your business Isreal...

Moussaoui..You might oughta ask Allah to watch your back!

I am a die hard Bush fan. I will support our president to the end and follow willingly to the end..I voted him in and I continue to give support. Things may not always go according to plan but who would you rather have watching your back in the times we immediately live in. How different would things be if there had been no 911? I try not to dwell in the what ifs and what coulda beens, I like to stay grounded in the now. I'm sure the president would have been happier to server the American people in a nice peaceful environment. How many times have we been hit by terrorists since 911?

Well, I was going to just say hello.. good day to ya Cali Conservative..Keep up the good work and Americans, Keep The Faith!!

4:42 PM

Blogger Rory's Rants said...

Christopher, you're right on the money once again! The "left coast", (I know you hate that) is much less "left" with AMERICANS like you out there!
Glad to see you back at the keyboard addressing the troops!
I too have been "busy with other things", so I've been a bit scarce. Buying a house during "the worst economy since the great depression" sure is fun!
Billy Gunn is on the money by the way!
Keep up the good rants!

10:10 AM


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